Amber Buckley of Ambiguous You

We always love it when we get in a new member who does something outside of the web development and technology sphere, and especially when it’s a case of an entrepreneur starting out on their dream full-time. When Amber Buckley joined up with us last month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to add to our member profile series and find out a little bit about what she’s working on and why she’s working on it here with us.

Hi Amber! Tell us a bit about what you’ve been working on.

For the last three years I have been running a small bath & beauty care business out of our family home. Since April 2014 I have gone full-time and have been redeveloping my brand from the bottom up. Currently I have taken on the task of redoing my website. My degree is a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with a minor in Art History, so you can say web developing is a rather daunting task for me. I’ve also been really starting to expand where I sell my products through stores and other outlets.

If you had to pick one, what’s your personal favorite item to make?

It’s really hard for me to narrow down what product is my favorite to make since I really enjoy the creating process as a whole. Though I’d have to say I find I’m most creative and genuinely ecstatic about making my mineral makeup, especially the eye shadows. With my background in fine art, I find mixing the micas and oxides very similar to mixing paint. The possibilities seem so endless when all the colors are in front of me.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice when you first started on this endeavor, what would it be?

I would have definitely tried to make the jump into full-time entrepreneurship much sooner. Some times I feel that I wasted so many hours helping build and run other businesses when I should have been focusing that time and energy into my own business. Sometimes its necessary to take a deep breathe and just jump in.

We were excited to have you come on board as a Weekly Member back in May; What is it that drew you to coworking, and how’s it going so far?

I had been complaining about my lack of staying on track and social interaction, so my husband had suggested I look into The Salt Mines as a workspace. Before going full time with my business I had been a bartender so you can understand how going from working at the busy and noisy bar to working in my quiet home has been a rather challenging obstacle for me. The Salt Mines provides me with that social aspect I miss and yet still offers me a sense of working community. I can’t wait to try out the device lab for my website! Since I’ve only been a member since the end of May, I’m still quite new to everything and everyone. However I can get so much done during the days I spend in the coworking space versus at home surrounded by all its distractions, plus it’s just a short walk from my house.

I’m sure you have a lot going on outside of your new business; What do you do when you aren’t plugging away on new products?

Outside of Ambiguous You I try to live a fairly active life. I spend a lot of free time with my husband and our families and friends. I find the great outdoors is always a good escape for me when I need to clear my mind of all things business related.

Is there anywhere we can look for Ambiguous You products?

I am still in the process of getting Ambiguous You products more accessible, but for now our products are available locally at the Clintonville Community Market and online at and coming soon Currently I am in the process of getting into a few different farmers markets, which will be nice exposure for my brand as a whole.

To learn more about Amber and her Ambiguous You product line, be sure to visit:

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