Stuff we get asked a lot...

Do you have enclosed offices?

No - we're an open office concept.  There are desks that can be rented full time for setting up a regular workspace.

What about meeting/conference rooms?

We have a conference room that is reservable for full-time members.  If no one has reserved it, any member including day-pass members can drop in.  However, full-time members get preference in the use of the room should there be any question.

Can I buy a day pass for a meeting with more than one person?

We are a small community - not set up to host events.  However, you can use The Salt Mines to hook up with colleagues as a day pass users - there are generally areas to collaborate.   The conference room can be used if it is not reserved by a full-time member.  Day pass users should plan on each person coming for a meeting to have a separate day pass.  If you have questions or special requests, please email

What hours are you open?

The doors are managed by full-time members. Generally, someone is there from 9 am to 5 or 6 pm daily.  Holiday weeks and other unique days might vary.

What about evenings and weekends?

Full-time members get a door code after their first month when they have gotten to know the members and the open-up / close-down process.  This code can be used for 24/7 access.  We do not offer afterhours or weekend use for drop in or part time members.

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