The Salt Mines is a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote professionals and startups working together on the near north side of Columbus, Ohio. A Clintonville coworking community space featuring dedicated desks, shared office space, a kitchen, a conference room, and shared common spaces for all members.


We can work anywhere – our kitchen tables, coffee shops, libraries, park benches – but we choose to work together in places where we can be a part of a community. The Salt Mines community in Clintonville.


We feed off other’s energy, are inspired by our colleague’s creativity and feel the collective support of the group in our individual endeavors.


We are creative, we are independent and we are together.

We work where we want to with others with 

whom we can share the journey.

Its about good coffee, good conversation and good ideas.

We are together and separate - heads down and smiles up.



Access to an Awesome Community of

Innovative Individuals 

Events, Lunches, & Happy Hours


© The Salt Mines

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